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Enjoy a relaxing space odyssey, where you guide a flower with sunlight to restore life to the galaxy, one planet at at time. Find and restore bulbs located on each planetoid and use their power to spread throngs of floral life everywhere. 

You cannot fail, only explore. 

Sol Floreo is a Swinburne University of Technology student game developed by Tessellate9 for our capstone project. We're eager to provide this 5 minute demo as our final build, and sincerely hope you enjoy it!


  • Relax to a piece of minimalist exploration and unwind to the humbling beauty of life, driven by warm visuals and a harmonising soundscape.
  • Control dynamic sunlight to keep a flower on its journey to spread floral life, guide it away from shadow so the flower can grow.
  • Swap over to moonlight to recede backwards. Restore three thematically diverse planetoids to traverse a galaxy, with smooth transitions between levels.
  • Destress with a variety of stunning plant life and nurture worlds with radiant green.


Minerva Mizzi      Creative Director / Programmer / Production Assistant / Marketing

Braydan Owen                                   Producer / Lead Programmer / Level Design 

Lachlan Fuller                                 Software Engineer / Sound Artist / Animator

Mark Lockwood                                                             UI Design /  QA Lead

Jonathon Page                            Level Designer / Social Media Manager / Writer

Kkye Hall            3D Environment Artist / VFX Artist / 3D Rigging and Animation

Jacob Kennedy Amor                                                               Particle Artist

Matthew Dodson-Geary                                                 2D Artist / Animation

Harry Fisher                                                             Composer/Sound Artist


Game Connect Asia Pacific Student Showcase - October 2018


Press-Kit: https://www.sol-floreo.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sol_Floreo_Game

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolFloreo/

Install instructions

(will be re-iterated in read-me file)

While an Xbox controller is recommended for optimal play, Sol Floreo supports keyboard and generic gamepads.

Keyboard Controls

Left ArrowMove Sun Left
Right ArrowMove Sun Right
Spacebar Change from Sun to Moon
ShiftSpeed up the plant
ControlSlow down the plant

Pad Controls

Left Analog StickControl the Sun
A buttonChange from Sun to Moon
Left TriggerSlow down the plant
Right TriggerSpeed up the plant

To play Sol Floreo, extract the contents of the zip folder into a desired computer folder, open said folder and double-click on the Sol Floreo.exe file. 

A quiet environment and headphones are recommended for the playing optimal experience. Additionally, a UI element has been implemented to alleviate motion sickness, if this element isn't helping you, press M on your keyboard to disable it.


Sol Floreo.zip 78 MB

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